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  • How Do I Join?
    Attend a local club meeting near you! The calendar holds all of the upcoming meetings for our Chapters worldwide. Anyone who is looking to start / grow their business, is welcome to attend the club once before coming a member. We are a members-only club. Our members are Entrepreneurs / Investors in many different types of industries who want an exclusive platform to network and grow their business on a local and global scale.
  • Is This Club For Me?
    Our members are entrepreneurs / small business owners who are looking to better themselves and grow their business. The Intelligent Millionaires Network connects you to local millionaires and successful business owners who you can strategize with. We set goals with you to achieve over the course of a year and bring in local millionaires who have built their businesses and teach you how to do the same to meet your goals. This club is for any business owner who is looking to make their first million, their first ten million, or their first 100 million.
  • What Is The Club Vision?
    We are the Intelligent Millionaires Network, the global and local network whose intention is to get you the tools, support, and connection to get your business to that first million. If you are a millionaire, we support you to get you to that 10 million mark, and those who dare to push the 100 million, we give you the tools to do so as well. This is not like any other business club where every month an ordinary speaker speaks and at the end they try to sell to you some book or CD set. This is your millionaire accountability group, who will not let you fail. Refer to the About Us Section for more details..
  • How Do I Network With Other Businesses Nearby and Worldwide?
    After becoming a member of the club, you are given access to our worldwide membership portal. Members are categorized by location, industry, and what they are looking to find. The membership portal connects you to exclusive circles tailored to what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for an Investor? A Partner? Advice and Education to grow your business? A global support system? Our membership platform will give you all of these tools. You will also be invited to networking meetings / meet-ups both locally and worldwide every month. All meetings are free to members. As a member, you have a home Chapter, but are free to go to any Club Chapter meeting around the world that you wish to attend.
  • What Happens After I Register For An Upcoming Club Meeting Online?
    Upon registering for an upcoming club meeting, you will be contacted via email from the team of that Club Chapter. This email will confirm your registration and give you follow up details for your upcoming meeting. If you happen to not see an email come through, check your spam folder or email that local club chapter for additional information. You can always email the IMN Membership Team at for any information that you need.
  • Can I Bring Guests?
    Yes. If you are not a member, you can attend a club meeting one time. You can bring as many people as you would like. As a member, you are encouraged to bring nonmembers to the club as well. They too are allowed to attend one meeting before they need to decide if they want to join the club. The more people there, the better the networking and possible deal making opportunities. Remember if you bring value to the table, others will do the same for you. Just make sure your guests are registered so the Club Chapter can plan ahead accordingly.
  • Where Can I Check To See Where The Club Meeting Will Be Held?
    You can check the meeting calendar to see all of the upcoming club meetings around the world
  • Who Do I Contact If I Cannot Make A Club Meeting?
    If you have registered but cannot attend, that is ok. You can email your local club owner or our membership team to let us know. To reach our membership team, you can email them at Otherwise, we will just see you next time!
  • How Can I Leave A Testimonial For The Club Meeting I attended?
    You can email your written / video testimonial to and we will post it online
  • Is the Club Connected To The Foxx Coaching Organization?
    No. The club is a separate business from the Foxx Organization / Top1 Coaching
  • What Is The Dress Code?
    Business casual. You will want to look like you belong. Men, please wear a suit and tie. Ladies, please wear a nice suit / skirt / blouse. If you show up with jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals, you will be asked to change before entering the meeting room.
  • Where Can I Ask Additional Questions About The Club / Club Meetings?
    You can email the Membership Team at IMN Headquarters via with the subject title “Club Question” or you can reach out to your local club chapter and speak with your club owner.
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